Wednesday , June 3rd 2020
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PAPABABE Adjustable Weight Bench 1200lb Utility Gym Bench Workout Bench for Full Body Exercise Press Flat/Incline/Decline

Product Features:

    SPACE: Product dimension: 49"L X 25"W X 50.4"H The length of flat: 61'' Foam backrest dimension: 36"L X 12"W X 2.4"H Foam seat dimension: 15.2"L X 15"W X 2.4"H Foam Pading: 2" Thick Foam Bench Seat height from the ground:19" the length of foot support:17.3'' Max Weight Capacity: 1200LB…
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Product Description

Product dimension: 49″L X 25″W X 50.4″H
The length of flat: 61”
Foam backrest dimension: 36″L X 12″W X 2.4″H
Foam seat dimension: 15.2″L X 15″W X 2.4″H
Foam Pading: 2″ Thick Foam Bench
Seat height from the ground:19″
the length of foot support:17.3”
Max Weight Capacity: 1200LB
Weight: 72.6LB
User Height: UP to 6.4′
it’s a good addition to your body-building workouts at the gym
it helps increase your muscle mass and strength
it lets you do natural movements that work out all the muscles in your body
it’s a piece of equipment that is stable, sturdy, has a wide range of settings, and is suited for all builds
it can be placed at an incline, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises which isolate different muscle groups (flat bench press, incline, decline, spaced, etc.) most models are foldable and compact, allowing it to be easily put away either daily or when needed to free up space, or if short on space to begin with
it’s a relatively simple piece of equipment that doesn’t require a complicated assembly or set-up.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty 1200lb real capacity, the adjustable weight bench give you a safeand stable platform to do a wide variety of workouts. Set up dimension 49″L X 25″W X 50.4″H, Weight: 72.6lb. Powder-coated finish and high-density foam, sweat and moisture resistant double stitched vinyl bench covering. Transportation wheels for easy moving.
  • 7 back positions & 4 seat positions provide you with a range of workout angles so as to effectively workout different body muscles. Flat position height: 19″. Adjustable leg hold down bar for additional stability during workouts.
  • 36″L X 12″W X 2.4″Hfoam backrest with 15.2″L X 15″W X 2.4″H foam seat will reduce strain and stress on your muscles so that you can be completely comfortable as you workout. User height up to 6’4″.
  • Adjustable weight bench is an ideal workout equipment for people who love to workout in the comfort of their homes. It’s important for lifting weights, also be used to do other numerous exercises such as push-ups, core exercises, calisthenics, and others.
  • PAPABABE Adjustable weight bench give beginners enough support to learn as well as try out new training exercises without falling over or using their energy to sustain the right posture and stability for different exercises.